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Happiness Reflexology in Randwick

pregnancy testimonials

Alison, Coogee
"In the 6 weeks preceding the birth of my first child I experienced digestive discomfort and increasing anxiety. I knew little of reflexology and had reservations as to how effective it would be, but after the first session with Louise I was converted! I had the best night's sleep I had experienced in months and improvement in digestive issues within 24 hours.

I continued to see Louise on a weekly basis until my baby was born and strongly believe these sessions positively contributed to my physical and emotional wellbeing. Her experience with other pregnant clients and personal experience as a mum, proved to be extremely valuable. However, it was Louise's compassionate nature that most impressed me. Our sessions were never rushed or concluded on the hour. I always felt Louise genuinely cared for me as her client and that my comfort, health and happiness were paramount.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Louise to any prospective client. Thanks Lou, I feel very blessed to have found you when I did. The lead up to Keira's birth would have been a very different experience without you!"

Mary, Camperdown
"During my pregnancy I went to Lou for weekly reflexology sessions to ease the increasing strain on my back and improve circulation throughout my body. At the end of each session I would always walk away feeling lighter on my feet, very relaxed and in high spirits.

Lou not only nurtured and supported me throughout my pregnancy but was a wealth of knowledge on a range of natural therapies. I would recommend Lou to anyone who is interested in maintaining their health and sanity during pregnancy as well as increasing their awareness of what their body is going through.

Now I have a beautiful chilled out baby girl and I couldn't have done it without my regular sessions with Lou - she was an absolute lifesaver! Thank you Lou, for everything."

Aimee, Randwick
"I was 8 months pregnant when I was treated to a reflexology session with Lou at Happiness Reflexology. I turned up with a whole load of niggles, but really wanted to focus on my sleeping troubles and constipation. Following just one session I felt relaxed yet energised, and that night I had the first 7-8 hour sleep in months!

I have returned to regular bowel movements since my treatment, which is much healthier for both me and baby. Thank you Lou, I now feel more energised and ready for a positive labour experience and transition to motherhood."

Kirsten, Bondi
"I had a Reflexology treatment with Louise when I was in my third trimester. I had acromegaly and oedema (water retention) in my legs, ankles and feet which was making me feel uncomfortable. After just one session of reflexology, the swelling was totally gone, in fact I was less swollen than I had been three months previously! Amazing!!"

Charlotte, Bondi
"During my second pregnancy I suffered from terrible reflux, I had heard that reflexology may help this. I found that the reflexology with Lou not only helped the pain of heartburn, but also improved my sleep quality, my constipation and generally helped me feel more comfortable."