Louise Chick
reflexology & reiki practitioner

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Bondi Junction

Happiness Reflexology in Randwick


Reflexology & IBS

Angela, Bronte
"I have suffered from digestive problems for as long as I can remember, which were usually aggravated and heightened by stress. The doctor told me that I had IBS and therefore there is nothing that can help me. I went for reflexology in the hope that something could be done! After just one session of reflexology my constipation began to improve. After several sessions I felt like a new person - my stress levels reduced and the constipation and bloating subsided."

Reflexology & Stress

Nicola, Clovely
"A friend bought me a session of reflexology treatment as a gift. I have a highly stressful job and there was a lot of turmoil in my private life. I was also suffering from insomia - making my busy day even harder to cope with on only 2 hours sleep a night! In my first session I fell into a deep sleep after 2 minutes of Louise touching my feet. The sleep was so wonderful and I felt totally rested after an hours session! I then had great sleep for the next few nights. I now have reflexology every 2 weeks. It may not take away the stress of everyday life, but it certainly helps me cope with it and I am now having a full 8 hours sleep a night.

Reflexology & Thyroid Conditions

Lea, Maroubra
"I have been suffering from thyroid problems (hyperthyroidism) for some time when a friend recommended reflexology. I suffered from fatigue, constipation, shortness of temper and a total lack of motivation. I started having reflexology and this all changed. Taking my health into my hands and not relying on the thyroxine to do all the work has now motivated me to change my diet, start exercising and being more responsible for how I feel. It's also a great treat!

Reflexology & Back Conditions

Chris, Surry Hills
"I had always had massages to help me with my back and neck pains. I decided to try something different and went for reflexology, I am now hooked! Even though it is just the feet that are being massaged you get the feeling of an all over body treatment. I find that the reflexology sessions ease the back and neck pain for longer than a massage and as an added bonus it has helped with my sinus pains. "

Reflexology... just because it feels great!

Paul, Randwick
What can I say reflexology has to be one of the most blissfully indulgent treatments I have ever had! I come away feeling so chilled out and at peace inside. It is so much more than just a foot rub, the complete feeling of total relaxation is second to none!